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Enjoy over 60 Casino GamesThe exciting world of casino slots is easy to get into, but many would argue, hard to ever leave. Those who love slots, really love slots. Those who play other casino games on the other hand, are often hard to convert.

While slots may be a very easy game to understand and play, there are a few things that you should know to maximize the potential cash coming your way.

Slots clubs
The very first thing you should do when you get to the casino is find the slots host and join the slots club. When you do you will get a credit-card sized card to use in the machines you play. This lets the casino track your play, and reward you with comps when you have played long enough. At the end of your session or day (ensure you have played for a couple of hours at very least) you can go back to the slots host and ask them to let you know if you have earned any comps.

Payout percentages
Payout percentages are the most commonly used form of differentiating slot machines, and the most often used form of advertising slots by the casinos. Many casinos offer "98% payback slots" or some other high number as their payback percentage. This is most often thought of as "98% of the total amount of money deposited into the machine will be returned to the player". People tend to think this means if they play through $100, they should expect to have $98 come back to them. This is a bit of a fallacy however, because the return percentage is a theoretical one based on an infinite timeline. This means if you were to keep playing the slots game forever, you would eventually have made back 98% of what you put in. Most people don't usually play long enough to hit a big jackpot however, and winning that jackpot is part of the calculated 98%. This means if you play and don't win big, chances are you're actual return percentage will be significantly lower.

Slots Traps
What do I mean by traps? I mean slot machines that aren't entirely up front about what they offer you. The biggest trap by far is the full coins trap. There are many slot machines in Vegas that advertise great payback percentages and amazing jackpots, but they also advertise themselves as 'quarter slots' or 'nickel slots', which is a little misleading. The majority of these machines require you to play multiple coins in order to be eligible for some or any of its available jackpots. Many of them require that you are playing the maximum number of coins possible on the machine in order to be able to win the jackpot that probably convinced you to play it in the first place! So be very wary, you may find yourself in front of a machine that has three cars lined up in a row making you think you've won the grand jackpot, but no lights will flash, no sounds will erupt, if you only played one coin.

Slots placement
There are many, many myths around the Internet trying to convince you that the casinos in Las Vegas have masterminded the way they place their slots, with loose slots more visible than tight slots. You will undoubtedly read about how slot machines near the isles, on raised carousels, or near the entrances and exits pay out more and more often than other slots in the casino. The logic is based on the idea that the casino wants any winner on a slot machine to be seen by as many people as possible, convincing them to play too. While this may be a fairly logical assumption, it seems as though if it was true once in the past, it sadly no longer is. Recently Michael Shackleford of the wizard of odds has done some fairly systematic tests of casinos around Vegas and found no difference between the payouts on machines located randomly, and those in previously though of 'loose' spots.

Progressives slots
Progressive jackpot machines are ones that are all linked up together in one big network. As money is played through any one of the machines on the network, a small portion is added to the jackpot total and displayed across all of the machines. Depending on the number and use of the slot machines on a progressive network, the jackpots can be seen to grow right in front of your eyes, a great trick to entice gamers.

If you prefer to play progressive slots there is something you should keep in mind. Logically, since we know that the progressive jackpots on these machines are built and derived from a percentage of the money fed through them, we know the payout percentages for standard wins are on average lower than a non-progressive slots game.

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