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Enjoy over 60 Casino GamesThis page is dedicated to casino comps in the world of online gambling. We also have an excellent guide to Las Vegas comps which you should read if you're interested in getting more out of your land based casino experience.

Finding casino comps on the Internet isn't very much of a challenge anymore, but finding good ones often can be. Online casinos have been springing up day by day for the past couple of years, and the more that join the race, the higher the competition between them. This of course translates into good deals for you, as each casino tries to undercut the next with the best introductory casino comp.

Simply put, casino comps are complimentary goods and services provided by the house to the player in reward for either becoming a customer, or playing as a regular. Most talk on the net revolves around sign up bonuses, or the initial casino comp they try and catch your eye with. These comps are of particular interest to those trying out new online casinos, trying to find a regular place to play. Of course, there are also bonus hunters on the web, trying to find and milk the value out of any bonus offered. Because of the ruthlessness and sheer number of bonus hunters prowling the net these days, the quality of initial casino comps has fallen dramatically. You can no longer really get something for nothing, without there being a decent chance you'll play long enough to lose in the end. That's not to say you can't use an invitational casino comp to try out a new online casino, this is still their purpose, and they are quite well suited to it.

Modern online casino comps often come with a fairly lengthy set of terms and conditions. It's normal for an online casino to require the player plays the amount of the bonus through a certain number of times. Say you were given $50 for depositing $50, and the bonus requires you play though the bonus and deposit 8 times. This implies that you need to play (($50 + $50) * 8) dollars, which comes out to $800. You may think, boy that's a lot to wager in order to make a free $50, but we're talking about what you play though, not what you lose. Playing blackjack at a moderate pace, even with a $5 average bet, you probably play a few hundred dollars over the course of an hour. So all the casino is doing is ensuring you're somebody who has played for a few hours, and so obviously is a real player who's there to play the game. For this you get rewarded $50.

Let's compare that to a land based casino comp. What the casinos in Vegas do is require you to play for a few hours (using a slot club card to record your play and prove you're a player) at least, then you can go to the host and ask if you are eligible for comp. For a couple of hours of play at the blackjack table, the most you might get is a meal comp, probably worth $15 or so.

So how can we make online casino comps easier for you to get, use, and enjoy? Well we'll advise you on which variables you need to look at in order to know if the comp is a good one or not. As previously mentioned, a casino comp will have a set of terms and conditions associated with it, which is usually linked to from the website of the online casino. The terms will let you know if there are any games that the bonus is not eligible for. For instance if you are a roulette fan, you could simply bet $50 on black and $50 on red until you had wagered the minimum amount. Cash out at that point and you've made your free bonus cash without wagering a thing. For this reason any bonus of this type is usually not acceptably fulfilled by playing roulette, craps, or baccarat, three games where you can bet on either side of the fence and not loose.

So the difference between online casino comps and land based comps is, online casinos give you the extra cash to wager with ahead of time (increasing your bankroll) but to actually receive the benefit of the comp you have to play for a few hours. Vegas on the other hand, requires that you play for a few hours, and then decides weather or not you're worth comping.

The real value to people like you and I in these online casino comps lies in the added bankroll we are carrying. As you may know, a larger bankroll offers a few more options and a better chance to make some money if you utilize it right. Playing with a larger bankroll you can either enjoy yourself longer playing the size of bet you normally do, or try to make more than you normally would over the same amount of time. Spreading your bets out and letting your betting session last a few hours is often a much more enjoyable experience.

Quick tips to make casino comps easy:

1 - Always call the online casino you are trying out and have them explain their bonus offer to you over the phone. This way if there is anything you don't understand, they can explain it to you right then and there. If the casino is not capable of explaining their bonus well enough such that you understand it, the casino may not be worth playing at.

2 - Ask on the phone if there are any other offers that you may be able to take advantage of. The operator can often find another reason for you to play with them that magically isn't advertised anywhere else!

3 - Always read the terms and conditions to determine if the comp is applicable to the games you enjoy playing most. Also check the style of bonus and if there is a minimum amount of play required, calculate that minimum amount, and try to work out how long it would take you to play that much through.

4 - Find out how the comp works before you deposit. Some casinos will add the comp money to your bankroll immediately, which is what you want because it gives you the benefit of playing with a larger bankroll. Other casinos you have to call and request the comp and they can sometimes tell you 'ok it will be in your account in 24 hours'. Not exactly the instant gratification you were looking for

5 - Find out from the casino or from players who use the casino if they offer frequent play bonuses. The initial bonus comp is usually not as nice as the comps regular players get. If you find an online casino that likes to reward its loyal players, then it may be a good reason to stick with them.

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