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Introduction To Craps

Enjoy over 60 Casino GamesCraps is often considered complicated, hard to learn, and snobby. In actual fact it's not complicated at all unless you want it to be, it's not hard to learn if you have the right material, and the snobby people are pretty easy to ignore. Keep in mind that in craps, your best is bet the pass line bet, and for variety throw in a come bet or two with free odds as you ease into things. The house advantage for a pass line bet is good, at 1.41%, the don't pass has a similar attractive edge at 1.36%. Further reduce these odds by taking free odds on either bet.

Ensure you 'take down' any bets that wouldn't normally be removed from the betting layout on their own. Many proposition bets are left on the board even if you win, and so can be swept away rather quickly. Stay on your toes. A good craps instructions page though will also point out that you should avoid playing the proposition bets altogether!

Take advantage of the free craps instructions session's casinos offer so that you can get comfortable tossing the dice and placing your bets. Many people are mechanical learners, so they won't truly understand until they put their skills into practice. I would also recommend that after your lesson you either play some games, or log on to the Internet and toss a few dice around virtually. This will enable you to test any bad craps bets that you're curious about, but it will also let you get a feel for an extended length of play.

Lastly, ignore every system ever described to you. Only bet what you're comfortable losing, and make sure that a good portion of that bet is on the free odds. And, at least in the beginning, avoid playing the 'don't pass' and 'don't come' bets, as you will be playing 'against the dice' and may not be enamored by the other players around the table. These instructions don't apply if you're playing craps online however, as you don't need to worry about bothering the shooter.

To get well acquainted with the game and learn the rules and process of play, along with each of the bets and which ones are smart, start with the 'rules of craps' page at online-craps.com, our recommended expert site.

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