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Enjoy over 60 Casino GamesThinking of visiting a casino but not sure exactly what you'd do if you got there? This is becoming a more common problem of late, as an increasing number of people receive their first exposure to the world of gambling via online casinos instead of our land based friends.

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Land based casinos can be an intimidating experience the first time through, but if you've read up here you'll have an easier time. First off we'll look at what you are likely to encounter when you first enter the doors, and where you should go. In some countries or regions you will be asked for ID at the entry to the casino, as no children are allowed inside. At others you will not be asked for ID until you sit down at the table, and if you don't have a baby face like me, it may never become a problem.

So assuming you make it past the bouncers, your senses are in for a treat. Casinos are colorful, eye-candy filled places, designed to get you all excited and feel as though you're really out on the town for a good time. If they didn't manage to instill this feeling, most casinos also wouldn't be able to convince you to drop so much money gambling! You may also notice a complete lack of windows and clocks. Nobody wants you to know what time of day it is, as you might realize how long you've been playing for, and realize it's a lot later than you thought!

The floor beneath you, and the ceiling above you, will be random patterns designed to make you dizzy if you look at them for too long. Naturally, your eyes find themselves comfortable staring straight ahead. This means you'll naturally find yourself staring at a slot machine, video poker game, or your table game. Tricky. Don't let all the intimidating factors get to you though, the casinos really only want to make you comfortable, just so long as you can't be comfortable somewhere you can't gamble.

Your first stop when enter will most likely be to a cash machine, unless you're one of those forward thinking types who went to their own bank first to avoid the charges. Then, if you like to play the table games like me, you'll head to change that cash into chips (or checks for the hardcores out there - technically 'chips' are exclusive to the roulette table). So once you're stocked up on the casinos cash (which, surprisingly, you'll find much easier to part with than you would green paper) it's time to hit the floor.

Well, perhaps not quite yet. If you're interested in getting comped for your play (and you should be if you plan on playing with a couple of hundred bucks) then the next step is to join the slots club. Even if you never play slots, the slots club (which yes, isn't always called the slots club but if you ask for the slots club, they'll know what you're talking about) enables casinos to 'rate your play' or keep track of how much of a gambler you are. You will literally be given a credit card sized piece of plastic which you can slide into the available spot on slot machines and video poker machines. Take it with you when you go to the tables and give it to the dealer, the croupier will take your card and track your play. The more play the casinos can keep track of, the more comps you'll be entitled to over the course of your stay.
So now that it's gaming time, lets find a good starting approach. To begin with, the best thing you could do is decide on the game you're interested in most, and then spend some time watching the play at the table before you actually sit down. Of course if you're a slots or video poker fan the first thing to do is to find machine you get a good feeling from (or one that has a good pay table). It's the table games though, that are most intimidating.

Don't be nervous though, the casinos are very used to issuing in new players, in fact it's an essential part of their business, so it's the casino's job to make thing easy on you. Occasionally you will find a dealer abrasive or not so nice to the newcomer. In this case I recommend you leave their table, they don't deserve your time or money. For the most part though if you're new to a game, the dealers will go out of their way to ease you into it. If the dealers where you're playing don't make you feel comfortable, consider switching casinos.

Blackjack is a perfect example of a game where many mistakes are may by new players. If you're sitting down to a blackjack table and are dealt something you don't quite know what to do with, it's not inappropriate to ask the dealer what they would do in your situation. Most dealers at any decent casinos will tell you what 'basic strategy' suggests, which is what you really want to hear anyway. Keep in mind though; if you have to ask for advice on every hand, you'll be slowing down the game-play of the whole table, and your presence wont be appreciated for very long. The same spirit goes along with each of the other table games. Craps is a little more superstitious than most table games casinos offer however, and you'll probably want to gain a good understanding of the game before you approach it. A great guide to craps exists at Online-Craps.com. Ensure you've at least read up on the game ahead of time, and I sincerely recommend you play around with our free casino games to get a sense of how they are played. This will do boatloads for your confidence when you step up to the table in the real casinos, online or off.

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